The west coast of Mallorca has several large resorts. Magalufis without doubt the nightclub capital of Mallorca. You will find over 100 bars/nightclubs and the main reason for staying in Magaluf is to party during the night and try to relax on the beach during the day. Babysitting here is much in demand in the season, so booking ahead is recommendable. Here there is a large water park, and on request, we will escort older children there for you, so you can have a more peaceful day, if climbing steps and sliding down steep wet  tubes is not for you.
The neighbouring resort of, Palma Nova, is within walking distance of Magaluf. Palma Nova is much more family orientated, with child friendly gently sloping beach, and has more wheelchair accessible areas, and disabled friendly hotels.
There are two beaches in Santa Ponsa, one large, one small, and then there’s the wide white beach of Camp de Mar, the more German favoured Peguera, Andraitx (which has a wonderful Wednesday market in the town) and Port Andraitx and many beautiful walks in and around the port, and is the stepping stone to the beautiful north west coast and the Serra de Tramuntana..
Here, Soller and  Port de Soller are beautiful situated in a bay surrounded by mountains. A perfect town for a daytrip on the little train that goes from Palma, and shopping for artesan produce and artists here abound, and the stunningly beautiful villages of Deía (Deya) and Valdemossa are to be found. Narrow, twisting roads lead off the main road to panoramic view points and little fishing huts on stony beaches under steep cliffs.
The main resorts are: Magaluf, Palma Nova, Portals, Santa Ponsa, Paguera(Peguera), Andraitx, Soller, Deya and Valdemossa


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