Midwives and Antenatal Support in Mallorca & Menorca

Congratulations on your pregnancy !

The system here offers no service in any other language apart from Spanish, and offers NO district midwifery service.

Caring for you from the beginning of life, Angels can offer you, in the comfort and privacy of your own home:
1)antenatal classes: sensible advice about the breathing and how to stay focused and how to cope with the contractions, what will happen, what could happen, a little of the hospital protocols, some preparation you can do, advise about other exercises and things you should and shouldn't do, and answering any questions which are worrying you.... (I thoroughly recommend you write these down, as otherwise you'll forget: you are probably finding your brain is more addled than it used to be...) as well as doing any physical checks you need or want doing.

2) A midwife/doula can go to your house when you first think you are in labour, and evaluate if you are ,and how you-and baby- are coping with the contractions, and how you are progressing. She can either stay with you or pop in and out, depending on your wishes.
Then, if wanted, she can come with you to the hospital and help keep you focussed with your breathing, and informed, as to how things are progressing, either swapping places with your partner each time, or if he doesn't want to/can't be there/ you don't want him there, we can stay with you as your birthing partner. Please note, Mallorcan legislation decrees only one birthing partner is allowed to be present at a time, and is only to act as a birthing partner, and cannot be an active midwife, if not employed by the clinic itself.

3) We can offer any postnatal support you need, including visiting in the hospital to help breast feeding, and baby handling advice, and then, when home, help with the 100's of questions you may have, baby bathing , giving lots of advice and support as you need it...

If you are considering booking a midwife or doula, please contact us on a no obligation, confidential basis to discuss your requirements on (0034) 971 10 42 89 or info@angelsnursingagency.com and we shall be happy to assist you in planning for your new arrival.

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