Maternity Nurses & Newborn Nannies in Mallorca & Menorca

It‘s great to be able to use grandparents and other mummies for advice and support, but we know it’s not always possible. Many families live far away from that kind of support network. Even if your family are nearby, it’s still nice to be able to have independent professional advice, when they’re not available to help.

A Maternity Nurse can help the mother from the time she leaves hospital until both mother and baby are settled into a routine at home. This can be up to 8 weeks; however the amount of time you wish to book a Maternity Nurse is totally flexible and will depend on individual circumstances. We pride ourselves on the personal touch.

A maternity nurse helps new mothers in all aspects of caring for their newborn children.
It can be VERY tiring and stressful to be a new mum. Using a maternity nurse for the first few weeks after the birth will ease your worries, she will be there to support you and assist you with your new baby.
All our maternity nurses are qualified midwives, nurses or doulas with over 2 years experience of working with newborns, or are mothers of three or more children.

The maternity nurse will give you the confidence to cope quickly and can give you a routine to follow to suit your family's needs.

Our extensive service includes:

  • Private Maternity Nurse Placements throughout Mallorca
  • Live-in or live out Maternity Nurse
  • Maternity Nurses who are multiple birth specialists to provide maternity nursing for twins/multiples
  • A wide range of Maternity Nurses from qualified Nurses and Midwives to Maternity Nannies who will help with older siblings

What you can expect from a Maternity Nurse :

  • Advice for care of your breasts and perineum, and exercises to get your figure back.
  • Care for your baby and assist you in establishing a routine within the home environment.
  • Supervising and tidying the baby's room and day-to-day laundry for the baby in addition to all areas of caring for your baby.
  • Support with breast feeding advice
  • Help with setting up a routine, to ensure baby’s weight gain, growth and optimum sleeping patterns
  • Sterilising and making up the bottles for your baby
  • You can choose to have a night off, leaving you to wake up refreshed, or just to take baby so you can rest more, assisting a faster post partum recovery
  • Advice on safety and hygiene, and guidance through the myriad of equipment and products available for new mothers.
  • On call for up to 24 hours a day.

If you are considering booking a Maternity Nurse, please contact us on a no obligation, confidential basis to discuss your requirements on (0034) 971 10 42 89 or and we shall be happy to assist you in planning for your new arrival.

Our flexible, trustworthy service is the reason we’re the Balearic’s leading babysitting and childcare agency.


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