Hospital or Doctors Visits

Angels can offer a bilingual Angel escort to either pick you up and take you to your appointment, and or meet your at the appointment venue. The bilingual Angel can then translate what the doctor says, and what you would like to ask him/her. Your Angel will ensure both of you understand both what is said, and be able to explain what you need.

The Angel translator will understand the medical terms and your diagnosis and will explain the significance as well as the meaning of what a doctor says.
We also offer pre–operative advice, to help you know what your needs may be after surgery.

As the Spanish system expects family or friends to come into the clinic/hospital and provide the basic care and assistance at meal times, and as many times we ex pats have no family available to offer us this service, Angels can give you assístance on a one-to-one basis in the clinic, complementing the care given by the clinic staff, thus speeding up your recovery from trauma or surgery, and then we can give you rehabilitation after you return home.

This service can either be hourly or up to 24 hour care, where there is a risk of confusion and falling or increased dependence or fear of being alone.

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