Here are some testimonials from just a few of our satisfied clients and staff
He usado la agencia 'ANGELS' a menudo durante los últimos 4 años para cuidar a mi hijita de cuatro años de edad. El personal siempre ha sido simpático, atento, puntual, y muy profesional. Si no fuera por su ayuda, flexibilidad y comprensión, mi vida como madre soltera hubiera sido mucho más difícil. Trabajo turnos de 24 horas, día si día no, y los Ángeles siempre han cumplido mis necesidades, día y noche. Todo el personal son ángeles.

CA Goulden, Camp De Mar

Cada verano venimos a nuestra villa en Mallorca, y cada vez Sally nos manda un Ángel para nuestras tres hijas, para que podamos descansar de ser padres y acordarnos de como ser amantes. Podemos relajarnos sabiendo que nuestros tesoros están en buenas manos y a salvo, y también divirtiéndose.

No tengo ninguna duda en recomendar a Sally y su equipo maravilloso de Angelsitters.


He usado el servicio de ‘ANGELS’ babysitting desde hace 4 años.

Estoy muy feliz con el servicio simpático y profesional que le ofrecen a mis hijas (4 y 5 años). Muchas veces he necesitado un babysitter con poca antelación y siempre un Ángel ha llegado en seguida. Recomendaría a ‘ANGELS’ a cualquiera que necesita una babysitter día o noche.


“Hemos usado vuestro servicio durante los últimos dos años y os hemos encontrado fiables, capaces y atentos."

Frank, Paguera.

“Ángeles - ¡Sally y su equipo son justo esto! Su profesionalidad, disponibilidad, alegría, ternura y determinación por conseguir todo lo necesario para el paciente, fue nuestra salvación. Mi marido volvió a casa del hospital el año pasado, ‘reparado’ quirúrgicamente, pero con un largo camino para volver a una vida normal. Los Ángeles empezaron a cuidarle y con paciencia y buen humor se recuperó – lo más importante , recuperó la confianza en si mismo, y con esto , consiguió poco a poco una vida más o menos normal y activa. Debido a que tienen que volver a operarle de nuevo, las “ángeles” tendrán que empezar de cero, pero tengo toda la confianza del mundo en que podrán triunfar de nuevo. Recomendamos a Sally y su equipo incondicionalmente.”


Dear Sally

Both Peter and I would wish to express our appreciaton of the help and service we have received over the last 3 months from your Angels Nursing and Babysitting Agency. When I learned that Peter was to be discharged from hospital after serious back surgery I knew that I would be unable to cope without assistance. Phoning various friends for advice, your Nursing Agency was highly recommended, All the nursing and caring ladies who came in twice a day were fantastic and very, very kind. Arriving always on the dot of the expected hours, carrying out their duties with exceptional skill, humour and kindness.

Any medical complication that arose you were always available and came in to sort out the problem.

As you know we have recently been able to reduce the hours of care from an original twice a day, seven days a week to 4 mornings only.

Without doubt, we would recommend your Agency to anyone needing nursing services and we thank your and I know will continue to bless you and all your Angels.

Kindest regards



"Without the help of Angels my mother, who is now 93 and needs full-time care, would have been unable to stay in her own home. Rotas have been efficiently and seamlessly organised, and all the carers have been competent, helpful and pleasant, and have spoken fluent English. Thank you Sally.

Let me know if you would like any other part of your excellent service highlighted."

“I have never enjoyed my work as much as I do now”
“We were recommended Sally by Dr Stoma when I had to have a full hip replacement operation and full time care was needed for my wife who has Multiple Sclerosis. Her post operative care was excelllent and my wife has had a continuing need for Sally´s services since then.
Sally carries out her nursing duties with skill and professionalism. Her bubbly nature is infectious and her willingness to respond promptly to emergencies at all times is a great comfort”
R. and B.

"Working for Angels Nursing and Babysitting Agency has been a highly satisfying and rewarding time for me. I found from day one that the the responsiveness and support provided from Sally was utmost and all aspects of client care were approached and dealt with in great professionalism - this especially apparent as she prepares you for the duties ahead.

Angels has a team of extremely compassionate and dedicated Nurses, midwives, and carers who work well both individually and as part of a great team - a team I am proud to say I have been part of!

Working for a company who can pride themselves in knowing they provide a high level of individual care and companionship, and who maintain the dignity and independence of each of their clients is something I can say I am, again, proud of."

Louise Holmes. (RGN)
"Working with ‘Angels’ has been a very rewarding time for myself personally. I have been in the caring feild for many years now and have to say that ‘Angels’ is a fantastic company to work for as I feel each and every client feels happy with the angels’ services, as although we are there to assist as best as we possibly can, we are also reminded to keep each clients independence forefront in our minds. When spending time in someone’s home or wherever they may be , this is somthing I have always felt very strongly about myself, so to work for a company who has this close to their heart and has such a good team of caring staff makes me proud to say I am part of that. Also, I feel that Sally is a great boss to work for and trie•s to keep everybody happy including her staff: Apart from considering staff commitments (whether it being family, social events, etc.), she also seems manage to match staff and clients personalities which results in great working relationships between us.
I would certainly recommend joining the angels, if in fact you have that little angel inside."
' When my step mother became very ill and it became clear that it would be better if she was looked after at home, we were recommended to ask Sally at Angels for her advice on how a schedule of care could be set up. From the outset, it was clear that they were able to be flexible and responsive to a deteriorating situation and were a great comfort to my elderly father when nothing further could be done. Their concern was evident when a number of Angels staff took time to attend the funeral.

From the UK it is a great relief that our family will be able to call on Angels whenever my father might need care in the future.'

Paul Evans



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